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Gulfcybertech Ad Management System is a complete ad management solution to manage ads on your site(s), you also can sell clicks, impressions and/or time-based ads placement to advertisers and purchase clicks and/or impressions from publishers.

  • It tracks all the information of advertisement type, campaigns and payments.
  • Manage information of ad types
  • Build, manage and monitor multiple campaigns
  • To increase efficiency of managing ads and ad types.
  • The option to target ads by countries, time, days in week, dates
  • The option to target ads to mobile phones and/or to computers
  • Each campaign has its own real-time statistic
  • Historical statistic for days/months in the past
  • Statistic can contain country and URL of each impression and click
  • Maps are available for country statistics
  • Visitors and users can choose from multiple styles of pages. You can create your own styles.
  • It can be used to create a multi-language system (multiple interfaces in different languages).
  • An option to not display the same ad to the same person (IP address) twice in a defined time
  • User referral system
  • Ability to log URL's of each ad impression and click
  • Multiple security options - you can ban IP addresses that tries to enter admin or user pages with wrong login data, automatic reminder for admin to delete files which can cause a security risk
Ad Types
  • Banners (any size)
  • Text ads (Google style)
  • Text + image ads (FB style)
  • Videos
  • Full page ads
  • Page peel ads
  • Popup and popunders
  • Sticky ads bar
  • TakeOver ads
  • Virtual pages
  • Slide in
  • News style
  • Complete page