“Our great strength lies in vast experience and extensive expertise in Designing, Developing and Marketing.


Have you ever wondered why some web sites attract more targeted visitors than the others?
Yes, right you are, this is all due to well-thought web site promotional techniques. Web site promotional services are extremely crucial in increasing the visibility and commercial success of your project.

Nowadays it is not a secret that web site promotion starts with thorough web site analysis, with developing all the advertising material necessary for your campaign and ends with the strategic submission of your web site to the major search engines and directories. All these cannot but generate more sales and help to promote your products/services in cyberspace.

Rely on Astra Design and its considerable experience in web site promotion services and you will sufficiently increase your chances of bringing new customers to your site.

Our promotion services includes

Creative services Our team is happy to offer you writing and editing services, development of your own affiliate program and customer incentives.

Development of an Internet Marketing Plan:

Whether we're marketing an entire campaign or one specialty product, GCT begins with a plan specifically tailored to your objectives and target audience.
Using in-depth analysis and creative problem solving, we work through our plan from start to finish, always monitoring our activities, anticipating problems, and implementing solutions before serious mistakes occur. Our team is adept at developing Web marketing plans, which are fluid and adaptable to the ever-changing technology of the Internet, as well as traditional marketing plans.

Search Engine Optimization:

To drive users to your site you cannot do without Search Engine Optimization, which is necessary to provide good search engine placement.
Our SEO services are built around your needs, providing a holistic approach. And you can be assured you’re receiving the service you deserve.

Search Engine Submission:

Once your site has been optimized, it needs to be submitted to search engines and directories. Without the submission, no one will suspect about your existence on the Internet.
If you want a deep and fast web site submission across the web, this is the service you need. We will perform a monthly submission of your web site to hundreds of search engines for a whole year. This service comes with a powerful SEO keyword suggestion tool.

Site Maintenance:

After your website is uploaded to the World Wide Web, the need for maintenance and upkeep becomes very important.
There will be occasions when changes are necessary, so you can either do them yourself if you feel your skills are adequate, or you can contact us and we will take care of everything for you.