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Payment Gateway

GulfCyberTech has the experience in implementing ITA epayment gateway to many government and private organisations in Oman

The National ePayment Gateway (ePG) provides an operational component of the e-governance infrastructure and full e-commerce facilities that allow secure online payments (e-payments). The e-Payment Gateway supports multiple acquiring banks and will operate as a critical shared service within the e-governance architecture along with Oman’s forthcoming Government eServices Portal.

The state-of-the-art e-payment solution supports the delivery of e-services of the public sector and assists the private sector’s moves into e-commerce. The e-Payment Gateway enables efficient electronic transactions in Oman and simplify the processing of payment transactions for electronic services within the country.

Enabling the gateway is expected to increase the adoption of e-Services along with electronic payments, particularly Internet-enabled payments which are easy and efficient. The presence of such a robust and secure e-Payment Gateway enables e-government shared services to be paid for electronically using major local and international credit & debit cards, and in future, other electronic payment instruments. The gateway currently accepts all international credit cards, debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diner cards.

The ePG currently supports the Internet and various other electronic channels including the mobile phone, IVR, Call Center, etc will be offered in future. ePG is reliable, secure and future proof with Payment Card Industry Standards. It is a cost effective and complete payment solution for ministries and private sector merchants.

Benefits to seller :

  • Increased customer traffic due to easy payment option
  • Complete support for retailers
  • Complete audit trail and reconciliation report provided
  • Free operational as well as technical support
  • Secure payment processing to world-class standards
  • Online real time view of transactions
  • 3D Secure authentication program ( which includes issuer, acquirer Bank and Visa or Master card) to help mitigate e-commerce fraud
  • Online real time view of transactions

Benefits to buyer/individual :

  • Pay for services and/or products completely online.
  • Use of Electronic Payment Gateway is free for buyer.
  • Accepts all major credit/debit cards (Visa, Master, American Express and Diners Club).
  • Secured real-time payment gateway
  • 3D Secure authentication program ( which includes issuer, acquirer Bank and Visa or Master card) to help mitigate e-commerce fraud